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Compliance and Transparency

SB 272 Compliance: Enterprise Catalog 

Senate Bill 272 amended the California Public Records Act to require local government to create a "Catalog of Enterprise Systems" and to make this catalog publicly available upon request. Furthermore, the law requires that the catalog is posted on a local governments website. 

The law was signed by the Governor in 2015 and was meant to create an open and transparent form of communication regarding how government stores information. It also provides a means for the public to request more specific information by being more forth coming in how information is "cataloged" or stored in government records keeping systems.

Specifically exempted in the law are the systems that the fire district uses for 911 emergency response.

SB 432 Compliance: Infection Control Officer 

Senate Bill 432 requires that prehospital care employers designate a "Designated Officer" that is responsible for infection control. The bill was passed in 2017 and signed into law by the Governor in October. 

The law amended Section 1797.188 of the California Health & Safety Code and among other items, required that prehospital emergency medical care persons or personnel be notified of a reportable communicable disease or condition. In a practical sense this law provides an employee or volunteer of the FFPD be notified within 24 hours when he or she believes they may have been exposed to a communicable disease or condition listed as reportable.

Fire Chief

Matt Bailey