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Public Records Request

Purpose: To establish policy and guidelines for accessing Farmington Fire Protection District records.

Policy: District records are open to public inspection during normal office hours at the District's headquarters. Every person has the right to access District records, except those exempted by law.

Procedure: Requests for record inspection or photocopying, excluding billing and account information, should be directed to the District's Executive Assistant. The Executive Assistant will assist in identifying responsive records and provide suggestions for overcoming access limitations. Electronic records will be provided if it doesn't compromise security or integrity, with costs borne by the requestor.

Fees: Requests for copies of records must include the appropriate fee determined by District staff, based on actual costs. A fee schedule will be provided by the Executive Assistant.

Records Not Open for Inspection: Certain records are exempt from public inspection, including drafts, litigation-related records, personal files, confidential data, and trade secrets. The District reserves the right to claim exemptions in cases where public interest favors non-disclosure.

Note: Additional guidelines and clarifications can be obtained from the District regarding record accessibility.